Father and son, Cadiz, Spain. July 2016
 St. Antonio Plaza, Cadiz, Spain. July 2016.
 Rioja wine, Spain, July 2016
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 A bride outside the Berliner Dom, Berlin (#weddingphotographyNottingham)
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 St. Katherine's College, Cambridge University, Cambridge
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 Einstein Kaffe, Berlin
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 Alhambra Palace - Granada, Spain
 Berliner Dom, Berlin
 Sansoussi Palace, Potsdam
 Berliner Dom Crypt (shallow depth of field)
 Radcliffe Cliff Walk with a black and white background
 Punting in Cambridge
 Caribbean Boardwalk
 Caribbean Boardwalk
 Beach - Tunisia
 'Sail Away' in the Caribbean
 View of Granada, Spain
 Roses with a black and white background
 The River Trent, Radcliffe
 Lake District
 'The Happy Couple' Caribbean
 Lake District
 The Caribbean
 Walk to Shelford
 'The Happy Couple' Mark 2, Caribbean
 Tortola, BVI
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