VFR Vertical Banner Delivery

A promotional package delivery for the Vale First Responders' Chairman Rod Whitehead. This included a 2 metre high pull up vertical banner which folds down into a handy carry case, ready to take to an exhibition.

Vale First Responders banner design

The VFR vertical banner in situ at the Bingham Fair.

VFR Horizontal Vinyl Banner Delivery

Design and print delivery today to Rod, Chairman of the Vale First Responders. This included a 4 foot wide by 2 foot high banner which rolls up ready to take to an exhibition. It comes complete with eyelets so you can hang it up.

House into Home Swing Board

An outdoor swing board - delivered this morning to Liz, Owner, House into Home. This swing board measures 430mm wide x 625mm high and is double-sided, weatherproof and has a weighted base.

Swingboard design and print

Langar Hall LinkedIn Networking Lunch

I attended the monthly Langar Hall LinkedIn Networking Lunch as usual today. But, unusually, I bumped into an old associate - Peter Duffell of Westwood Coaching. Aside from networking, there is a lovely group of business people I've come to know over the past year.

NHT Website Photo Shoot

I really enjoyed today's website photo shoot with Simon of NHT. I particularly liked this photo I took of Simon for his Website Profile Page.

Simon Danby, Owner, NHT

Rushcliffe Foot Care Swing Board

Here is the swing board I designed for Wendy Preece of Rushcliffe Foot Care. She wanted a simple, clean, easy to read sign that was sturdy and well made. These cost £198 (using the same design on both sides) which includes the double-sided swing board, design, delivery, assembly and VAT.

Radcliffe, Nottinghamshire Swingboards

Peter Hammond's Leaflet (inside)

My latest leaflet design and a great testimonial from Peter: 'Excellent friendly service by Kate. Very pleased with the flyers that she has designed for me to promote my business, totally professional approach, and highly recommended.'

Macro Photography

My latest photo using a macro lens, tripod and timer at the Radcliffe Photo Coach Club demo last night. We were taught a nifty trick focusing on water droplets on a pane of glass with coloured crayons underneath. It also takes into account the Rule of Thirds with the crayons off-set.

'The Beauty Spot' Shop Sign

My latest client, Michelle Lang from the Beauty Spot needed a fresh new look to her shop front. My previous blog explains how I designed a new sign and window banners.

Phase 2: I then recommended painting both of her brown shop signs white, cleaning the black letters and putting them back up. I felt this was a simple solution, cost effective and in line with the new black and white theme. The sign looks a lot better as I felt the black letters had been lost on the previous brown background.

'The Beauty Spot' Window Banners & Sign

Michelle Lang from the Beauty Spot contacted me and wanted a fresh, cost effective look for her business. I suggested and designed a simple white out of black extended 'pub sign' which could be seen outside from both directions.

I then designed 3 white window banners suspended on ropes, using simple clean black text and clean images.

Photo Coach Club photography

I have been using some of the tips and tricks I have learned from the Photo Coach Club. For this photo, I was playing around with black and white photography, shutter speed and ISO on my camera.

Radcliffe Photo Coach Club

I'm really excited about tonight's opening night of the new Photographer's Coach Club in Radcliffe. I really enjoy photography but I need to have a better understanding of how my camera works if I want to improve my photography.